Sanatan Dharma signifies the dynamic sum of ALL the knowledge of ALL the diverse traditions of Bharat Mata, or Greater Hindusthan, if you will, since the beginning of time. It is knowledge of Para Gyan, it is Knowledge of Para Shakti. Even the word dharma is used today very largely within the framework of the European post-enlightenment category of religion, while, actually, traditional people think of dharma much in the same way modern people think of science.


The root of the word dharma comes from dhri, which means to uphold or maintain. The Sanskrit says dharayati iti dharmaha, and the translation will be dharma that upholds. However, not only what supports is dharma, but that which does the supporting of dharma, dhriyate iti dharmaha. So dharma consists of dual force,  the force that sustains as well as what is sustained. Another related meaning is "that which is integral to something." For example, the dharma of sugar is to be sweet and the dharma of fire to be hot. Therefore, a person's dharma consists of duties that sustain him, according to his innate characteristics. Such characteristics are both material and spiritual, generating two corresponding types of dharma:

Sanatana means eternal. So Sanatana-dharma is ever existing truth, ever existing sustainer of for force, that connects the Bindu, Dot.

Sanatana-dharma is also a matter of understanding. It is an awareness that every particle of this universe is an expansion of God’s energies. That it is all an exhibition of the potencies of the Para-Brahman, the Absolute Existence. Dharma is the path to seeing how God is everywhere. Thus, dharma is not only the path to God but is also in God. A truly liberated person does not worry about liberation, or in going home back to God in the spiritual world. He is already aware that he is in God’s energy, whether it is the material or spiritual energy. It is all an exhibition of God’s potencies wherever he goes. Thus, the dharmin, or Dharmist, the follower of dharma who sees God everywhere, is already home. Liberation from material existence will follow such a person like a servant..

The purpose and mission of World Hindu Day (Vishva Hindu Divas) is to bring all Sanatan Dharmi from all over the world, all who are in quest of the Para Gyan /Para Shakti, to come under one roof and rejoice the life force – NATURE.

|| Aano bhadra krtavo yantu vishwatah ||
Aano bhadra krtavo yantu vishwatah
"Let noble thoughts come to me from all directions”

who am i ?  what am i ? Where do I go from here? Where do I begin and end?  Am I eternal as the universe?

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